The Live Show / Podcast : we have live conversations with leaders in the augmented and virtual reality spaces. With input and participation from YOU, we discover entrepreneurial, creative, and development possibilities in our exciting new world. 

We know that virtual and augmented realities are not just the domain of video games and entertainment (but those are rad, too-- we often discuss the evolution of storytelling).

We examine practical applications of this technology in industries such as: medicine, surgery, therapy, education, real estate, architecture, space exploration, travel, health and wellness, physical fitness, finance, aerospace, communications, productivity, automobile, etc... the list could be endless, because VR & AR technology will soon touch every aspect of our lives.

Yes, it's a live show and a podcast... but it's more than just that. This is about creating connections.

We are building a neighborhood of real people who see great possibilities for our collective future. Real people who are willing to bring technology and creativity together in order to effect positive change. Real people who are seeking opportunities to expand themselves as individuals and humanity as a whole, while not taking the journey too seriously.

We are #RealVirtual. Join us.