We chat with @MattMiesnieks, partner at @Super_Ventures, all about augmented reality, investing, and some of the VR/AR companies in their portfolio. Matt has a deep background in AR, including creating the first mixed reality platform for iOS with Dekko and leading AR product R&D at Samsung. From this rich experience, Matt offers insight into how huge companies’ AR announcements (namely Facebook’s Camera Effects platform and Apple’s ARKit) have fueled development, education, and interest in the technology. Matt also gives some great advice to founders seeking funding, elaborates on why Super Ventures funded specific companies in their portfolio (Nitero, CognitiveVR, Massless, and Forcite), and why he doesn’t want an AR cycling headset - http://www.superventures.com/

Show Notes

  • Matt Miesnieks, Partner at Super Ventures
  • Nitero | WirelessVR™ is Full Immersion
  • cognitiveVR | Analytics for Virtual Reality
  • MASSLESS Pen | We develop the most precise, high performance, intuitive modeling tools for the world's greatest 3D designers and engineers
  • Project Beyond - Think Tank Team - Samsung Research America
  • Dekko develops 3D mapping and augmented reality (AR) engines that allow apps and users to interact with their real world surroundings
  • AR Studio - Facebook for Developers
  • ARKit - Apple Developer
  • Leap Motion | Reach into virtual reality with your bare hands
  • TPCAST Wireless Adaptor for VIVE
  • Forcite | Leaders in smart connected helmets

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