We chat with Karl Krantz (@karlkrantz), founder of the highly-influential body known as Silicon Valley Virtual Reality (@SVVRLIVE) which consists of monthly meetups, developer education, and the now-legendary SVVR expo. Founded in 2013, the SVVR expo is an annual event bringing together global VR developers, platforms, investors, hardware, and thought leaders across all verticals to collaborate and share in three intensive days of talks, panels, case studies, and cutting-edge tech demos. Karl tells us of the early days building this “Second Wave of Consumer VR” community with independent developers and forward-thinking enthusiasts, how the technology has accelerated in just a few short years, and what we can get excited about at this year’s SVVR Expo and in the VR/AR industry in general over the next few years - http://svvr.com/ 

Show Notes

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