We chat with Ryan Horrigan, Chief Content Officer of Felix & Paul Studios, about virtual reality’s role in Hollywood and the evolution of immersive content. Ryan comes from a film studio executive background (working on films like Academy Award-winning 12 Years A Slave), and left the traditional movie industry behind to join cinematic virtual reality company Felix & Paul. The Montreal-based studio consistently pushes the narrative edges of the 360 genre - with such subjects as Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Lebron James, and Cirque du Soleil. Recently, they announced a closer partnership with the Fox Innovation Lab, and at Sundance they premiered Miyubi-- a 40-minute long groundbreaking immersive narrative. Ryan shares with us his perspective on how the entertainment industry’s views on virtual reality as a medium have developed over the past year, and what needs to happen next for the art (and commerce) to grow.

Show Notes

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