Kimberly Cooper is co-founder and CEO of Prologue Immersive (@PrologueVR), the VR/AR-focused division born out of Prologue--  a Venice, CA-based VFX studio that has worked on such projects like Iron Man, Iron Man 2 (Tony Stark’s floating computer interface was designed in Prologue’s studios), XMEN, and SE7EN. We chat with Kimberly about why Hollywood visual effects studios and traditional 3D artists are turning to create virtual reality content using game engines, as well as Prologue’s work like the unique stop-motion 360 video Memos from Hell and their post-production work on the VR companion to TNT’s Major Crimes show. In addition to content creators, Prologue Immersive also creates platforms and applications--  Kimberly shares with us how they are thinking of VR as an intuitive communication tool, and are currently developing a next generation interface based on their design of the Jarvis system in Iron Man -

Show Notes

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