Real Virtual Show Episode 4 - 3X Studios

This week we talk with Daniel Dilallo, Virtual Reality Director at 3X Studios

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Daniel Dilallo @VRdirector is an accomplished video game designer and developer who has turned his dynamic personality towards virtual reality directing and producing. His 10+ years of work on 5 Triple A games (such as Guitar Hero) has been a unique and important primer for his expertise in virtual reality.

Virtual reality as well as augmented reality have enormous practical implications, and not only is Daniel creating virtual entertainment and but is building applications as well. His company, 3X Studios, produces 360 content in the music, fashion, travel, sports, events, and science spaces -

We discuss how video game design/development, coupled with traditional film media, is an apt teacher for the virtual reality world: how much agency does the user have? To what degree is the user passively consuming the experience?

The Real Virtual Show is a talk show focused on all things mixed reality: we have epic conversations with leaders in the exciting virtual reality and augmented reality industry. 

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