Real Virtual Show Episode 3 - Cubicle Ninjas

This week we talk with Joshua Farkas, CEO of Cubicle Ninjas and creator of virtual reality apps.

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We chat with Josh Farkas @JoshuaFarkas CEO of Cubicle Ninjas, about their virtual reality and augmented reality applications in the health and wellness sector-- one-of-a-kind experiences that make a positive impact in people's lives.

Along with a VR architectural visualizations, Cubicle Ninjas are creating a virtual reality relaxation platform called Guided Meditation VR. It won ‘Most Innovative Game’ at Meaningful Play 2014. They are currently developing this application for the consumer launch of the Oculus Rift in 2016.

In addition to health and wellness applications for the Oculus Rift, Josh is leading the creation of a virtual tourism app called Adventure Venice. It will be released in 2016, in which you can explore bite-sized travel adventures through time and uncover the secrets of the ‘City of Masks’ -

Co-host: Kuldeep Dusanj, CEO of Fortis Health

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