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Real Virtual Show Episode 2 - SOLARVERSIA

This week we talk with Toby Downton, author of Solarversia and Virtual Reality Storyteller and Entrepreneur

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Can one man write a science-fiction novel now and then make the novel's virtual reality game a reality in the future? 

We discuss these questions and talk all things immersive reality with Toby Downton, author of the novel Solarversia -

Told from three different perspectives - Nova the gamer, Artica Kronkite, the CEO of Spiralwerks, and Casey Brown, a newly-initiated member of the Holy Order - the book Solarversia is about a fictional virtual reality game that author Toby Downton hopes to make for real, to launch in 2020, so that people can actually play it.

Co-host: Joe Wilson, creator of Vampire Mob and PlayShorts

Show Notes:

  • Solarversia: The Year Long Game Paperback – August 18, 2015

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